Meriden Adult, Continuing & Career Education

How old do I need to be to register for Adult Education classes

You must be 17 years of age to register in any Adult Educational classes

How many credits are needed to graduate from the High School Credit Diploma Program?

You will need 23 credits to graduate starting the Fall of 2020.  Beginning Fall 2022 it will be required to have 25 credits to graduate.

What is the difference between the High School Credit Diploma Program and the GED® program?

The High School Credit Diploma works towards the credits you transfer into our program with. The goal is to achieve 23 credits to graduate. 

The GED® program does not transfer or use any credits.  The classes offered from the GED® program helps prepare you for the official GED® TEST.  

Do I have to live in Meriden to attend the Meriden Adult Education Program?

Yes, you must live or work in Meriden to attend programs in Adult Education.

Can I attend an Adult Education program and still be a student in public school?

No.  You must be withdrawn from your public school before attending the Adult Education program.