Meriden Adult, Continuing & Career Education

Community Programs

Meriden Adult Education endorses and participates in a variety of community learning programs including the following:

Meriden Public Library

The Library is your one stop for information. We offer comprehensive adult and children's collections; a computer system that links you to other libraries throughout the state; bookmobile services; and satellite programs at 3 Meriden elementary schools. Call 203-238-2344 for more information or go to for more information.

  • Literacy Volunteers Tutor Training - Become a Literacy Volunteer by learning the techniques of teaching Basic Reading or English as a Second Language (ESL). In our 13-hour training, you will learn how to teach basic skills. No prior teaching or college experience required. Materials and instruction are free of charge. Call 203-774-0722.
  • Children First Initiative - CFI improves the lives of Meriden children and families through increased parent involvement in civic life. We provide parents with training programs, serve as a citywide convener on children's issues, and sponsor and disseminate key research on the status of Meriden's families. Call 203-630-3566.
Meriden Parent Leadership Training Institute

Meriden's PLTI teaches parents wanting to improve lifelong health, safety and learning of children how to become stronger leaders for their children and community. This is a 20-week course to address issues of concern such as neighborhood safety, community economic development, quality child health care, educational development and improving the quality of their lives through self-empowerment.

Senior Buddy Readers

For Meriden citizens over 50... Become a Senior Buddy Reader! Senior Buddy Readers is a volunteer program that unites senior citizens with 1st and 2nd graders in the Meriden Public Schools. Seniors are taught reading strategies to help the children improve their reading skills. For more information, call Shirley Couturier at 203-634-7985.

School Readiness

School Readiness offers affordable, quality child care for 3 and 4 year old Meriden residents through a grant provided by the Office of Early Childhood. The weekly fee is based on income and family size. To be eligible, your child must be a Meriden resident between the ages of 3 and 4. If you need quality full time or part time child care, please contact Rhonda Knight, Meriden School Readiness Coordinator at 203-630-4222 or email her at